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Just take a look below at our website to find out just how diverse our list of managed events is. We guarantee you that under our supervision, your event will be a blast!

Excellence since 2005!

In the 20 years since our founding, we've helped organize thousands of private and commercial events, varying from small or premium wedding to concerts, parties, parties for kids, MICE & corporate, promotional business events and conferences and exhibitions.

We work closely with each client to customize a unique and a fiscally sound event adjusted to meet your initial goals and objectives.

The fact that each planner on our team has a long record of experience, that we're collaborating with the best suppliers, entertainers and celebrity contacts makes your choice obvious.

Hire us and we will make sure your event rocks!

What We Offer

We plan the following types of events:

Corporate Events

Our seasoned team of creative event planners, thanks to their long experience of managing miscellaneous business-themed meetings and conferences will make it all effortless and perfect!


Wedding Planning

When the engagement day is behind you, the details-overdosed reality of the wedding planning process lies ahead. This is the planning on which we have built our reputation.


Parties / Concerts

About to host a private party of any scale or want us to help you organize a concert or an exhibition of any sort, we are eager to do that for you. Why bother and worry about planning?


What makes us the best?

We provide Event planning and professional design advice.

We offer quality hire equipment for weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, christenings, and other occasions.
We don't just aim to meet your expectations, but surpass them.

Meet our Superb Team!

They can help you cater for any event, no matter how big or small.

Herman Scilfove

Head of advisory services

Myrna Monnard

HR manager

Corey Tegh

Talented and creative leader

Kevin Dounchutt



Our clients & what they're saying...

The company I work for organizes industry-themed exhibitions and conferences on a regular basis. Without assistance from a professional event planner it will all spiral out of control, so we've hired this agency...
- Emma Southland

When we decided that we want to throw our wedding just in 2 months after the engagement, everyone told us we went nuts and that it will be an impossible feat. But luckily we knew whom to ask help from.
- Jane Watson

As our company has a lot of cross-border partners, we were absolutely sure that organizing a conference in Ottawa next month won't be a big deal. Thank God there is an event planning agency like this one...
- Martha Bereilles

Packages & Pricing

Our price list for all types of events

  • Standard Pack

    Corporate Events

  • starting at

  • Regular seat
  • Free Coffee / Dessert
  • Free swag
  • 1-Entrance Workshop
  • Purchase
  • Premium Pack

    Audiovisual Services

  • starting at

  • Regular seat
  • Free snacks
  • Regular badge
  • Free Coffee
  • Purchase
  • Professional Pack

    Parties / Concerts

  • starting at

  • Regular seat
  • Free Coffee / Dessert
  • Free Swag
  • 1-Entrance Workshop
  • Purchase

Not sure about the budget?

We'll talk it through and make it work!

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